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Instructions for Authors




The manuscripts should be submitted ONLINE through www.allahabadfarmer.org. Articles must be the original material previously unpublished elsewhere. The authors must strictly adhere to the format of the journal and should consult a recent issue of the journal for style and layout, while preparing their manuscripts. The manuscript will be rejected if it departs any way from the required format and style. After review, each manuscript will be accepted for publication upon recommendation of the Editorial Committee. Manuscripts submitted should be related to any of the under-mentioned divisions.

AF-I    Veterinary Science, Animal Husbandry & Fisheries
AF-II   Engineering & Technology, Dairy Technology & Food Technology
AF-III  Agricultural Economics & Farm Management, Agricultural Extension
           and Rural Development, Home Science & Women’s Development
AF-IV   Plant Pathology, Nematology, Entomology, Genetics & Plant
           Breeding, Plant Protection and other Biological Science
AF-V    Agronomy, Horticulture and Forestry.
AF-VI   Soil and Environmental Sciences
AF-VII  Bio Chemistry, Bio- Technology and Microbiology
AF-VIII Basic Sciences
AF- IX  Rural Health Science



The Manuscript should be prepared with double spacing on A4 size in Microsoft Office. The pages should be numbered and the paper should be in the following order; Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Material and methods, Result and discussion, Acknowledgment, Literature cited, Tables and Figures.



The Title page should include Title of Article, Name of the author/authors, designation and postal addresses, department and Institution.



An accurate and short citation of the entire paper highlighting the important findings.



It should give the appropriate background of the research and state clearly the objectives of the work done and what new findings have been achieved in this research.



This includes the equipments, instruments, apparatus, chemicals, animals, plants etc. used in the experiment. It also includes the brief statement of the methodology adopted in experimentation.



It should be under single head to avoid repetition and should be confined to details of facts and the interpretation of results and their relation with previous work for relevant studies.
The results may be given as a table, graph or in statistical or methodological equations, but duplication of expression of results in one form or the other is not permitted. The authors are adivsed to use one kind of result for their experiments which means same data should not be given as graph, if table is given.



Authors are responsible to include the name of individuals/organizations/institutions who have contributed in conducting the studies.


References should be cited alphabetically and the following system should be used for arranging references :

a. Journal papers : Example- Elbaz-Poulichet, F., Guan, D.M. Martin, J.M., 1991. Trace metal 

    behaviour in a highly stratified Mediterranean estuary, Marine Chemistry, 32:211-224.
b. Monographs : Example- Zhdanov, M.S. and Keller, G.V., 1994. The Geoelectrical Methods in

    Geophysical Exploration. Elsevier, Amsterdam.
c. Edited volume papers : Example- Thomas, E., 1992. Middle Eocene-late Oligocene bathyal

   benthic foraminifera (Weddell Sea) : faunal changes and implications for ocean circulation. 

   In: D.R. Prothero and W.A. Berggren (Editors), Eocene-Oligocene Climatic and Biotic

   Evolution. Princeton Univ. Press, Princeton, NJ, pp. 245-271.
d.Conference proceedings papers : Example- Smith, M.W., 1988. The significance of climatic

   change for the permafrost environment. Final Proc. Int. Conf. Permafrost. Tapir, Trondheim,

    Norway, pp. 18-23.
e. Unpublished theses, reports, etc (e.g. technical report, Ph.d. thesis, institute etc.) :

   Example- Moustakas, N., 1990. Relationships of morpholoical and physicochemical properties

   of Vertisols under Greek climate conditions, Ph.D. Thesis, Agricultural Univ. Athens, Greece.



Type each table double spaced on a separate sheet. Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numeral in order of reference in the text. Each table should have a brief but meaningful title which should be given below the table number.



All illustrations must be presented separate from the manuscript unfolded, and as originals. Each illustration must be sharp and drafted at high density on bright white paper, on glossy paper or on drawing film.
Experimental data may be presented in graphic and tabular form, but the same data should not be presented in both forms. Never use clips on photographs in any way. Graphs and drawings should be inked with heavy black lines to ensure clarity after reduction in size. Place the author’s name on the back of each figure submitted. Figures should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals.



For all measurement the expression should be SI unit.


I / We hereby certify that the paper titled .........................................................................................................................................

............................is the original paper of my/our research work and has not been submitted elsewhere for publication. I/We have acknowledged the names of individual/sponsoring institutions who have contributed to this research.

Main Author...................................... Co-Author ............................ Date ..........................

A scanned copy of the Certificate of Originality duly signed by the authors should be emailed to upd@shuats.edu.in. Without the Certificate of Originality, the manuscript submitted online through our website www.allahabadfarmer.org will not be accepted.


Please send your remittance (subscription fee) through Cheque / Demand Draft drawn in favour of "SHUATS, Publication Account” payable, at State Bank of India, Agricultural Institute Branch (Please write your name, user name and contact number  behind the Cheque / Demand Draft) and send by post to
Er. C. J. Wesley, Managing Editor, The Allahabad Farmer Journal, University Publication Division, SHUATS, Allahabad-211007, U.P.



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